Parfums Wouroud - Découvrez notre gamme de parfums, déodorants, après-rasages, pochettes parfumées, eaux de toilette parfum déodorant après rasage pochette parfumée eau de toilette el oued algérie djedidi Filiale du Groupe Wouroud, Parfums Wouroud vous propose une gamme de parfums qui se décline à l'infini au grès des modes et des émotions... Parfums Wouroud el oued algérie djedidi parfumés parfumé parfumées parfumée parfum parfums parfumé parfumeurs parfumeur el-oued al-oued kouinine sahraoui rose roses extraire plante plantes jasmin yasmin yassamin tilleul tilleuls girofle girofles invente inventent formule formules oriental orientale orientaux fruité fruités fruit épicé épicés eau toilette déodorant déodorants déodorants pochette pochettes après rasage rasages rasager mawja océan océans oscar sixième sens wouroud de groupe borane anesia el senõr elu féminin junior fraîche fraîs fraîcheur fraîcheurs rafraîchi rafraîche rafraîchir rafraîchissant el oued algérie djedidi sensuelle sensuelles sensuel sensuele femme algerie romantique élégante élégant transparent transparente sensualité sensualités chaude chaud chaudes pour homme charmeur charmeurs classique classiques vivifiant vivifiante tenace sensible chaleureuse élégance mystère exposition foire internationale alger fabrication fabrique fabricant qualité haj hadj salem djedidi jedidi jdidi mohammed bachir djedidi pdg Fleuri, Fruité Chypré aromatique Floral Héspéridé Epicé boisé Ambré oriental Verte océanique Bouquet parfum el oued algérie djedidi


Head office and factory:
Zone Industrielle Kouinine 39014, PO BOX.n°8, El-Oued, Algeria
+213 (0) 32 23.89.09
+213 (0) 32 23.89.10


Sun-Thurs 8:00AM - 5:00PM

On July 15th, 1983, a "flower" was born in the area of El Oued, and more precisely in Kouinine : the "Parfums Wouroud" company.

Wouroud's Headquarters

     Gradually blossoming like a rose, this company would constitute within a few years one of the jewels of the country s industry and compete with the best international perfume trademarks.

     Such extraordinary development is well illustrated by the exceptional beauty of its production site which is endowed with an original and enchanting architecture. Indeed, while remaining faithful to traditional Sahraoui legacy, the building benefits from the very latest technologies in the field of construction.

     In fact, this company and its numerous distribution relays all over the country epitomize growth and development stemming from decades of persistent effort and passionate devotion.

From generation to generation

     It was the company s founder, the late Hadj Salem Djedidi, who, relying on his enterprising spirit, got involved in commerce at an early age, exactly in 1938. Having escaped execution in the colonial jails, he resumed his activity after the countrys independence and in 1963, he became the first perfume manufacture in Algeria.

     He was succeeded at the head of the company by the present chairman and managing director, Mr Mohammed Bachir Djedidi whose genius, far-sighted vision and rigorous management opened to "Parfums Wouroud" an international scope. Relying on such success, Mr. Djedidi, who is passionately devoted to his enterprise, decided to conquer other economic fields and gradually created a powerful industrial group of companies. The latter presently includes 3 large companies that are concerned with as different fields as perfumery, cosmetics and printing and packaging, employing more than 300 persons.

     It is worth mentioning that Wouroud is strongly committed to modern technology as a basis for its growth policy. For instance, the computerization of the companys management and the use of fax transmission were introduced as early as 1987, the bar code in 1993 (the first company to do so in Algeria) and the New Information and Communication Technologies in 1994.

     It is also noteworthy that beyond its economic and industrial dimension, Wouroud is above all the perfect epitome of a human adventure which started more than forty years ago with the wild dream of a talented perfumer, and which is carried on today by an outstanding manager, who is both humanistic and enterprising.