About us

Wouroud is located in Kouinine industrial area, covering a surface of 25.000 m² and constituting a living paradox that combines the highest technology with the purest tradition.

Thanks to a highly-qualified staff and last-generation production equipments, Wouroud Perfumes range of products enlarges day by day and displays the know-how of several generations. Indeed, Wouroud Perfumes has really become a reference on the Algerian market.

It is worth mentioning that Wouroud is strongly committed to modern technology as a basis for its growth policy. For instance, the computerization of the company's management and the use of fax transmission were introduced as early as 1987, the bar code in 1993 (the first company to do so in Algeria) and the New Information and Communication Technologies in 1994.

It is also noteworthy that beyond its economic and industrial dimension, Wouroud is above all the perfect epitome of a human adventure which started more than forty years ago with the wild dream of a talented perfumer, and which is carried on today by an outstanding manager, who is both humanistic and enterprising.
It was the company's founder, the late Hadj Salem Djedidi, who, relying on his enterprising spirit, got involved in commerce at an early age, exactly in 1938. Having escaped execution in the colonial jails, he resumed his activity after the country's independence and in 1963, he became the first perfume manufacture in Algeria.
He was succeeded at the head of the company by the present chairman and managing director, Mr Mohammed Bachir Djedidi whose genius, far-sighted vision and rigorous management opened to "Wouroud Perfumes" an international scope. Relying on such success, Mr. Djedidi, who is passionately devoted to his enterprise, decided to conquer other economic fields and gradually created a powerful industrial group of companies. The latter presently includes 3 large companies that are concerned with as different fields as perfumery, cosmetics and packaging, employing more than 300 persons.
Our headquarters and factory building masterpiece following age-old local architecture is breath-taking in its splendour and ingenuity. Its visitor is overwhelmed by such profusion of high domes, ornamented friezes, smart arabesques, light pillars and large windows opulently open to pastel colours. Its daily lighting ingeniously revives the model of the Alhambra Andalusian palace, and wittingly floods the workshops with sunlight all day long, while at night, lighting is provided through ostentatious chandeliers.

On the other hand, particular care is given to aesthetics. Right at the entrance of the site, loftily stands a magnificent sand rose with a beautiful fountain flowing around it. Such splendid sight recalls the mystical union of the vegetable and mineral kingdoms and invites the visitor to discover the mysterious world of perfumes.

A two-storied building, "Wouroud Perfumes" company displays on the first floor large administrative areas that all give access to the workshops located at the ground-floor where the different steps of production take place and which benefits from almost continuous lighting thanks to the particular structure of the ceiling domes.

In this futuristic atmosphere, full of plain welfare, Wouroud Perfumes creates products that are essential to body care : perfumes and toilet waters, deodorants, caskets and the much-appreciated perfumed pocket-bags.
Our Manufacturing Process

If elaborating perfumes is a complex process, it should also be stressed that the olfactory art is of utmost importance and cannot be replaced.

Everything in our workshops has been calculated to provide a serene atmosphere allowing a great creativity, starting from the air quality to the lighting, choice of colours (with dominant pastel hues), etc.
In fact, this industrial group and its numerous distribution relays all over the country epitomize growth and development stemming from decades of persistent effort and passionate devotion.

On the other hand, highly-qualified chemical engineers control perfumes all along their processing stages. Raw material is filtered according to its density and refraction index; its quality is always confirmed by means of a reference charter sent by its original manufacturer. Then, the alcohol degree of finished and semi-finished products must abide by specific criteria. Finally, three samples taken during the production process go through a series of measures in order to evaluate their weight and their content through an olfactory test.

Thanks to its perfumes high quality, Wouroud Perfumes has won numerous prizes and trophies from different national and international organizations these last years. And is certified with ISO 9001 since 2006.

Such success stems from experienced know-how and long-standing, well-developed customer ties. Indeed, Wouroud Perfumes offers competent handling of customers' needs as well as faithful respect of delivery deadlines, relying on attentive and available commercial service.
The Wouroud Perfumes company also gives prominence to communication in order to be constantly in touch with the public. Its Marketing department, which was created in 1994, manages the company's public relations as well as internal communication. The latter is based on a total refusal to yield an inch as regards to quality.

As Wouroud Perfumes has based its development on the human element, it has always focused on its staff's training. Given the peculiarity of the perfumery profession, Wouroud Perfumes has instituted for its technical salesmen a specific training program resting on training courses at Grasse, France - the world's capital of perfume - in addition to conference cycles and further university courses.
Preserving The Environment

Wouroud has always been committed towards environment respect. This priority can be perceived through various practical actions. The following list, though not exhaustive, shows how Wouroud unremittingly strives to preserve our environment :
  • Eliminating polluting products from the formulation of perfume bases.
  • Totally giving up CFC gas in aerosols in May 1998.
  • Choosing the sanding process for the treatment of bottle surfaces instead of acid grinding which is toxic and polluting.
  • On-the-spot recycling of plastic matter (polypropylene) used in perfumery bonnets and stoppers.
  • Recycling all the chemical products used in the processing line.
  • Creating open spaces between the company’s production units.
  • All Wouroud’s areas are non-smoking since 1998.
  • Use of biodegradable packaging films.
  • Building architecture taking advantage of the region’s natural conditions such as space, height, light, air-conditioning, etc.
  • Use of recyclable aluminium coffering.
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